LED Technology

LED lighting is based on an electronic component called “light-emitting diode”, abbreviated as LED. Each LED consists of a chip made of semiconducting material and, in simple words, thanks to the characteristics of this material, the diode emits light when electrical current goes through.

LED lighting is undoubtedly the lighting of the future and already nowadays, LED technology can be used for lighting basically anywhere in interiors or exteriors.

Return on investment into such economical lighting is around a few months and not only thanks to its low power consumption but also long lifespan of LEDs. In addition to its economical and environment-friendly aspect, LED technology is also an interesting opportunity for designers and architects.

LED lighting is available both as sources (as a full replacement for traditional bulbs) and complex light fittings – tubes, downlights, panels, street lamps etc. Investment into more economical lighting really pays off and becomes even inevitable (in view of the EU’s directive about phasing out inefficient light sources).


En example of return on investment -- a comparison of a 60-Watt incandescent bulb and its LED equivalent