Technology/ Advantages of LED Technology

Advantages of LED Technology

  • Low energy consumption (savings up to 85% compared to incandescent bulbs)
  • Higher luminous efficacy (around 80 lm/W) – the energy class A
  • Long lifespan (at least 25 000 hours, which is 25 times longer than in case of traditional bulbs) and minimal demands on maintenance and replacement
  • Full light output immediately after start
  • Dimmability without a change in the colour of light
  • Various colour combinations without colour filters which are otherwise necessary
  • Resistance against vibrations, shocks, crashes etc.
  • Resistance against frequent switching
  • Higher safety – the surface does not get warm (so it is impossible to get burnt)
  • No UV or IR radiations that hurt eyes
  • No contain of mercury nor other environmentally hazardous substances compared to fluorescent tubes or discharge lamps
  • Silent operation
  • Small dimensions of light chips
  • New opportunities for designers and architects