Technology/ Optimized LED Street Light System

LED Technology as an Advanced Solution for Street Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages compared to high-intensity discharge lamps and this information should not escape the notice of modern-thinking and responsible municipal representatives. Operation and maintenance of traditional discharge lamps is very expensive and has always meant quite a big item on the list of municipal expenditures. If you decide to replace traditional lamps with LED street lights, you will achieve considerable savings on consumed electricity and also save not inconsiderable amounts on maintenance, which is minimal in case of LED lights thanks to their advanced self-cleaning system and high ingress protection. Owing to these savings, return on investment in new LED street lights is then quite fast.

However, savings are not the only advantage of LED lighting. It is also the best solution in terms of eco-friendliness because of its zero contain of any environmentally hazardous substances. If you decide for LED technology, you will send a message that your municipality thinks green and economically. And what more, your town or village will gain a modern, innovative appearance and become famous as a pioneer in technology which undoubtedly means lighting of the future.


LED Street Lighting SINCLAIR

LED street lights SINCLAIR are available in several power and output alternatives. All the lights contain high-quality LED chips of reputable world producer Cree and have luminous efficacy over 100 lm/W, which rates them among the most efficient lights of this kind on the market. Owing to the material used and an excellent cooling system, lifespan of the lights is at least twice longer than that of traditional street lights. LED street lights SINCLAIR can be installed on new or already existing poles. Certification of compliance with European standards guarantees their utmost safety and reliability.