Technology/ SINCLAIR LED Street Lights Are Your Energy Saving Solution

What Can You Gain If You Decide for LED Street Lights SINCLAIR?


Replacement of high-intensity discharge lamps with LED street lights SINCLAIR will immediately lower your costs of electricity. You will also save on maintenance which is minimal thanks to the design and long lifespan of these lights. You can save up to 50 % in total if you decide for LED technology.

A comparison for ST 180AS:

180 LED
400W HID
Average light intensity
16 lx /10 m
17 lx /10 m
Total power consumption
200 W
480 W
Power consumption for one year
876 kWh /year
2102 kWh /year
50 000 hours
20 000 hours



Unlike the yellow or orange light colour produced by traditional street lighting, LED street lights SINCLAIR have really white colour of light (with the CCT of 5500 K, simply called „cool white“). White light is generally considered as more suitable for streets because our vision is more precise in such white light, therefore, the cool white colour of light means higher safety in the streets (for example, reactions of drivers on the road are prompter – they are able to spot pedestrians or various obstacles more easily). White light also seems more natural. LED street lights SINCLAIR have an asymmetric distribution of light, which means maximum lighting of roads and pavements and at the same time, minimum light contamination of the surrounding environment. Full light output reached immediately after start and silent operation of the lights contribute to more comfort too.



LED street lights SINCLAIR contain no environmentally hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, phosphorus or cadmium, emit no UV or IR radiation, and minimize light contamination. And in addition, you will also contribute to CO2 emission reduction if you decide for LED lights. Concerning eco-friendly aspects, LED technology is definitely the best solution.


Thanks to the cool white colour of light and modern design, LED street lights SINCLAIR are at first sight easily distinguishable from the corpulent traditional discharge lamps. LED street lights SINCLAIR will make your town or village brighter and more attractive. LED street lights SINCLAIR are made of high-quality materials that guarantee maximum resistance against humidity, dust and mechanical damage. Cooling and self-cleaning systems of the lights were designed with utmost care.